An Android app for Zenoss

Free & Open Source Software

Rhybudd is Open Source and freely available under a GPL 3.0 license. There is nothing to pay and no adverts. All I’d ask is for a fair review in Google Play.

ZaaS Support

Rhybudd and the Rhybudd Alerts ZenPack has full support for Zenoss as a Service installations.

Simple to Use

Spend your time fixing issues rather than managing alerts with Acknowledge All and Swipe to Close functions. Official help is available on the Zenoss Wiki

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Keep MTTR & Costs Low

Rhybudd can receive alerts almost immediately without needing expensive 3rd party SMS providers. Using Rhybudd Push can reduce costs & battery drain even more.

Beta Tested by DataSift Ops

The DataSift operations team test each version on a variety of devices before each release.

Extensive Customisation

Rhybudd can be customised in a variety of ways to ensure that you only get alerted to the events you need to know about.

The People Behind Rhybudd

The Operations team at DataSift have been using Zenoss for a long time but we realised that simply receiving an email or SMS on your phone wasn’t quite enough so we spec’d out a mobile app that would give other SysAdmins & Operations teams the power of Zenoss’ alerting, information retrieval and acknowledgement directly on a phone or tablet.
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Gareth Llewellyn

Dev / Operations Guy

All of the code for Rhybudd is written by me when I get chance, my day job is a Systems and Network Operations guy managing the various elements of

Ops Team
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Operations Team

Beta Testing

My colleagues in the DataSift operations team test new releases to ensure no bugs or UI issues crop up.

  • So great! Having very recently switched from Nagios to Zenoss, this is perfect timing. I was keeping my old Nagios running only because there were Android Nagios clients. Now I can phase Nagios out completely.

  • New version works great. Perfect for when you are not in the office and need to keep up to date with the health of your infrastructure.

  • It’s like a crystal ball It’s great to be the first one to know when something goes down. This app keeps me in the loop so I can at least act like I’m in control when users call reporting problems! Zenoss is awesome and it’s great to have that info with me all the time.

Everything you need for being on-call

With Acknowledge All and Share functionality directly on the ActionBar, Android Synchronization to ensure data on your phone is as fresh as possible, Google Cloud Messaging powered by a ZenPack for instant alert delivery, Android Notifications with Acknowledge functionality directly in the notification bar as well as many other features all work to help you monitor your infrastructure and respond to events.